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Internet Marketing Consultants for Your Business

Internet Marketing Business in Australia

As based in Melbourne Internet marketing consultants we started directing our efforts into Internet marketing in 2002. Since that time we promoted hundreds of websites, that generated millions of dollars in sales for our clients.

It wasn't easy to start our business because very few people understood Internet marketing. The focus at that time was on having a website and anyone who already invested in few web pages considered mission accomplished.

That is why we had to educate our prospects and clients in Australia about Internet marketing. To do that we were writing the articles, developed SEO Explorer - a desktop tool for SEO analysis and spent hundreds of hours presenting the business of InWebsight Studios to various audiences.

Today it looks like everyone understands Internet marketing, although some principles are blurred.

Internet Marketing - the Origin

Internet marketing and advertising is relatively new competitor to TV marketing, Radio marketing, Printing for business and other forms of marketing. It has provided fantastic new opportunities to savvy business managers, professional marketers and advertisers first of all because the Internet as a medium is not owned by anyone and allows to put on as many online channels, stations and publications as you can create content for. It is open for any industry - new home builders, bathroom renovators, blinds manufacturers, dental practitioners, educational companies, chartered accountants, money lenders etc.

That is how millions standard business websites appeared on the Internet. Typically they would have 5-7 pages like "Welcome", "About Us", "Contact", "Products/Services", "Philosophy", "Sitemap" etc.

It took some time though to realise that having a website (channel, station, publication) does not mean it reaches any audience.

For most of the businesses it was (and is!) like having a stock of dusty booklets not delivered to anyone.

Search engines and online directories changed that situation.

Alta Vista, Yahoo, Google, Look Smart and many other Internet companies started crawling the websites, indexing web pages and publish the condensed version in a form convenient for the visitors. Many websites got a chance to become visible to the world!

Some people from various walks of life saw new opportunity and Internet marketing was borne.

Internet Marketing Tasks

The main tasks of Internet marketing can be defined as:

Internet Marketing - Fitting into the Marketing Budget

Despite the obvious advantages Internet marketing has to compete with other marketing media. To survive and win the competition it has to be cost effective. That is what actual business and company executives want!. In simple terms: lower dollars spent to deliver the marketing message to a target.

Due to growing competition on the Internet competitiveness of the Internet marketing goes down. In future only bigger, smarter or luckier Internet marketing consultants will be able to stay in business.

Internet Marketing - Targeting Specific Audience

Right message delivered to wrong people is wasted along with the budget. Internet marketing consultants carefully define the demographics and geography of the visitors they want to target.

Internet Marketing - Delivering the Subject of the Website

As Internet marketing consultants we believe that any website needs to have appropriate presentation, content, structure and navigation. Unfortunately these components usually are produced by different people and very often the subject of the website and its message is not delivered. Here are some examples.

Great Flash Presentation
Websites created by brilliant graphic designers that ask you to wait while loading lose 30%-70% of the visitors who are not patient enough.
Loud Sound
Trying to impress visitors with sounds playing when a page loads can produce negative effect. Most of the visitors will be annoyed with unexpected music played through the computer speakers when they are in the office. Heavy audio files will also slow down the load of the page. In very few cases when music on the website is justified smart technical solutions should be considered.
Flowery Content
With intention to welcome visitors some pages talk too much about what marketing manager wants to say - not what a visitor wants to hear. For example a holiday tours website would use dozens of "magnificent", "five star", "incredible" instead of just briefly mentioning actual Australian holiday tours they offer.
Unclear or convoluted navigation
Even eager visitors leave the website because they did not know how to get to the page they need.

Internet Marketing Methods

The main Internet marketing methods are:

How to Achieve Success on Internet Marketing Projects

As with any projects, planning of Internet Marketing projects is very important.

What are the goals? Are they achievable within the budget? Read about our approach to Internet marketing projects.

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