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Internet Marketing Projects

Internet marketing projects require analysis, planning and managing. Typically these elements are involved in Internet marketing projects:

Feasibility Study and Costs of Internet Marketing Projects:

Usually with start Internet marketing projects with the feasibility study. It is worth doing it along with the quoting.

At this stage we conduct the industry research, competition research etc. Based on conditions in the industry, number and quality of competing websites we make a conclusion on difficulty of Internet marketing project and hence about costs. This is subjective and should depend on relevant experience of Internet marketing consultants.

Once all the costs associated with the Internet marketing project are established we can make an objective conclusion on the feasibility. In some cases we recommend Clients to use their budgets on other marketing methods (print, Radio etc).

Development of Internet Marketing Projects Strategy

The strategy Internet marketing projectss employ, should be based not only on assumptions but also on the data and facts unknown initially. Collection of this informationmay require some experementation.

For example when dealing with the industry new to us we recommend to run small AdWords campaign prior committing to search engine optimisation. Such a simple "testing of waters" provides us with the first hand data about competitors activity, risks and costs.

Based on results of initial AdWords campaign we decide if it is worth to go with search engine optimisation.

In any way Internet marketing strategy should be regularily revised based on results of the Internet marketing projects.

Implementation of Internet marketing strategy

Examples of Website Projects

Blinds for Windows

Timber Windows Repair

Building Inspectors

Kitchen Designs

Bathroom Design and Renovation

Franchising in Australia

Teeth Whitening - Melbourne Clinics

Dentist in Brighton and Cheltenham

Mailing House Melbourne

Yacht Covers, Yacht Upholstery

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